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Face Wash For Acne Prone Skin

 Acne can result in a real loss of confidence at any age. The good news is there are a number of steps you can take to prevent new pimples and deal with existing blemishes. A combination of sufficient rest, healthy eating, and a good acne face wash can go a long way in helping you battle breakouts.

While it’s important to be conscientious about what you put into your body, your skin care routine can also make a huge difference in dealing with existing and future breakouts. Regular cleansing is essential to wash off all the dirt and excess oils from your skin. The question is, how do you find a good face acne wash that will effectively cleanse and combat blemishes without irritating sensitive skin?

PharmaClear® Acne Treatment System

This kit features Salicylic Acid to clear up blemishes and allow skin to heal while also helping prevent the development of new acne breakouts. .
Use PharmaClear® Acne Treatment Cleanser morning and evening to gently cleanse face and body with acne-prone areas. Rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry. Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer of PharmaClear® Acne Treatment Concentrate one to two times daily. Finish with PharmaClear® Acne Treatment Moisturizer to hydrate and reduce redness and shine.


Key Ingredients For a Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin

The skin care market is full of thousands of products to help you deal with acne and blemishes with new “miracle” ingredients cropping up all the time. Navigating the terminology and knowing which ingredients will be most effective at helping you battle your acne can be a struggle. If you’re dealing with acne prone skin, you might feel compelled to buy multiple products with a slew of active ingredients to help get rid of it, but this can ultimately do more harm than good as you may end up drying out your skin, causing your skin’s natural oil production to go into overdrive, resulting in an even more vicious breakout cycle.

The trick is to use a few products with proven active ingredients. Here are two of the best known and most widely tested active ingredients to know about when searching for a good acne face wash.

Salicylic Acid

Derived from willow bark, salicylic acid is a natural beta hydroxy acid with great exfoliating and antibacterial properties. It’s often used in products for acne-prone skin because it is so effective at unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells and trapped bacteria that lead to acne. This hardworking ingredient helps fight future blemishes by penetrating deep into pores for a truly deep clean.

Salicylic acid is also great for battling pimples as it reduces sebum secretion. Sebum is an oily substance secreted from the sebaceous glands that helps naturally moisturize skin and hair; however, excess sebum production is a common cause of breakouts.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide (also known as BPO) is a powerful exfoliating agent that penetrates pores to destroy acne-causing bacteria. As with salicylic acid, you can get BPO in different concentrations depending on the severity of your acne.

The major advantage of using a face wash with benzoyl peroxide is that you’re likely to see quick results. In fact, you may notice an improvement in your acne within a week of using a BPO product; however, benzoyl peroxide can irritate sensitive skin and lead to dryness and peeling if overused.

At Pharmagel we’ve chosen to use salicylic acid over benzoyl peroxide in our acne face wash. This is primarily due to the fact that salicylic acid is much less likely to result in dryness or irritation with frequent use. It works well for both regular and sensitive skin types, making it suitable for most acne sufferers.

Skincare Ingredients To Avoid For Acne prone Skin

Using the right products is a huge part of the acne treatment and prevention process, but you also need to know which ones to avoid. Here are some of the ingredients to steer clear of when shopping for an acne face wash:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Once a popular surfactant in many cleansers, sodium lauryl sulfate has been shown to dry out skin over time. It strips skin of its natural oils, resulting in a compromised protective barrier. Skin that feels taut or tight after cleansing is a sure sign that those natural protective lipids have been washed away.

Isopropyl Myristate

This ingredient is often used in skincare products for its moisturizing properties, but it is also highly comedogenic. With frequent use it can clog up pores over time, leading to breakouts and skin irritation.