About us


Founded in 1987 by a chemist husband and wife passionate about the business of beauty, Pharmagel was built on the philosophy that topically applied vitamins and plant derived ingredients could dramatically improve the health and appearance of skin. Fifteen years later, Pharmagel was acquired by Sam Licursi, a pioneer in the beauty business, who saw the chance to continue creating outstanding products affordable for all. Today, the Licursi family upholds and evolves the Pharmagel vision, striving to formulate specialized skin treatments that combine ingredients from nature with the best in beauty science. Pharmagel is both family-owned and female-led, and all of our products are formulated and produced right here in the USA.



In skincare, trends come and go: some get recycled and become trendy again, and some ingredients are everywhere and then disappear just as quickly. Producing tangible, transformative skin care results has always been at the heart of Pharmagel’s philosophy. That’s why so many Pharmagel products are classics with a cult following, beloved by customers for years.

At the same time, Pharmagel recognizes that science speaks volumes, which is why we have consistently sought to deliver new products based on the latest innovations and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, and always seek to provide dermatologist- and esthetician-tested results.

Pharmagel products and regimens are streamlined and effective, because with the right combination of ingredients, you don’t need dozens of products to achieve your goal of healthy, beautiful skin.



Thanks to years of research and experience, the Pharmagel team has gained unique insights into the most effective combination of ingredients for radiant, healthy skin. Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients provide immediate, safe and lasting results. Plant-derived antioxidants and botanicals work together to improve skin, head to toe. This unique marriage of science and nature in every cleanser, moisturizer, lotion, mask, sunscreen and serum formula is what sets Pharmagel apart. From the drawing board to the lab to the bottle and the jar, at Pharmagel your skin comes first.



The values that guide the company are simple and straightforward. Treat customers and colleagues with respect. Operate with integrity, honesty, humility and transparency. Treat everyone as you expect to be treated and then go above and beyond.



The Pharmagel family pledges to continue providing safe, accessible skin care that’s sophisticated enough for skin care professionals and straightforward enough for consumers to use at home. No fads, no fillers, no nonsense—just authentic skin care that nourishes, enhances and transforms the health and beauty of your skin.

At Pharmagel we remain dedicated to the philosophy of producing the finest quality skin care solutions at an affordable price.