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Skincare Insider

You've arrived! This is your go-to spot for all the latest tips and insights on all things Pharmagel and skincare.

Best Timing and Treatment Practices for Dealing With Acne

Do you feel like you’ve tried every acne treatment out there to no avail? Breakouts can be frustrating at any age.

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10 Myths About Acne

The world of skincare is full of myths and misconceptions. In particular, you’ll find many many myths floating around about acne.

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Face Wash For Dry Skin

Caring for dry skin isn’t easy. Luckily, there are a number of soothing skincare products specifically designed to help you deal with dryness. From serums and moisturizers to facial oils and face creams, there’s a lot you can do to add some extra nourishment to dehydrated skin.

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5 Common Sunscreen Myths Debunked

Although most people now know that sunscreen is a vital part of any healthy skincare routine, there are still a number of myths and misinformation surrounding it. Here are some of the most common sunscreen misconceptions to be aware of.

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Sodium Hyaluronate vs. Hyaluronic Acid

Wondering what the difference is between sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid? It’s easy to get confused between the two since they’re often referred to interchangeably.

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Face Wash For Acne-prone Skin

Acne can result in a real loss of confidence at any age. The good news is there are a number of steps you can take to prevent new pimples and deal with existing blemishes. A combination of sufficient rest, healthy eating, and a good acne face wash can go a long way in helping you battle breakouts.

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Benefits of Cranberry Seed Oil for Your Skin

Cranberries are a well known source of antioxidants, but did you know that this superfruit is said to possess even more disease-fighting antioxidants than more popular fruit and vegetable options like spinach, broccoli, apples, and strawberries?

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7 Bad Skin Habits to Stop ASAP

Struggling with skin issues and not quite sure why? You may be surprised to learn that some of your seemingly harmless habits (or lack thereof) could be contributing to your skin conditions.

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8 Incredible Things Sunflower Seed Oil Can Do for Your Skin

For thousands of years, Native Indian tribes in New Mexico & Arizona have been using parts of the sunflower plant to heal bites and condition their skin and hair. Extracted from the seeds of the plant, sunflower oil (also known as sunflower seed oil) can range in colour from clear to yellow.

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5 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Great for Your Skin

Green tea is undoubtedly one of the most popular herbal teas consumed in the US today. Packed with phytonutrients, it’s famous for its healing properties, detoxing power and ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

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