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Pharmagel® International Laboratories’ new generation of specialized skin treatments is formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are remarkably effective and have immediate and lasting results. Rarely seen in cosmetic formulations, Pharmagel’s use of pharmaceutical grade ingredients is one of the most important scientific innovations in the area of skin treatments during the past decade. Additionally, the cosmetic chemists at Pharmagel have developed a special collection of natural herbs and botanicals for the products. These herbs and botanicals are added to Pharmagel’s problem-solving beauty treatments. The products are further fortified with vitamins for fast-acting, anti-aging results. Triple testing during Pharmagel’s blending process of the pharmaceutical grade ingredients, vitamins and botanicals ensures that each product is free of irritants and as pure as possible. With regular use, there will be obvious results in just two weeks! 



Pharmagel, a premier manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade treatments for the skin, has enjoyed a strong and influential position since 1987 as an innovator of the latest technological advances in skin treatment products. Pharmagel recognized through scientific research that topically-applied vitamins and antioxidants could drastically slow and repair the appearance of skin damage. Antioxidants, combined with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, synergistically work to improve the appearance of the the skin, making Pharmagel well known throughout the world as a leader of the very finest skin treatment technologies. Celebrities, dignitaries and people all over the world rely on Pharmagel for their skin care needs. At Pharmagel, we remain dedicated to the philosophy of producing the finest quality, super performing ingredients in skin treatment products. Our dedication to the salon professional is unsurpassed, guaranteeing quality and commitment.



The Professional Skin Care Choice

Pharmagel professional skin care products uniquely cater to an increasingly aware and discerning client with quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and formulas. We utilize key vitamins and natural botanicals with stabilized high-strength formulations. Our liposome delivery system penetrates to help fight the aging process. 

22 Products, 7 Professional Sizes, 14 Corrective Treatments, 25 Years of Experience.